Terms & Conditions

MV Studios Ambassadors' Terms & Conditions:

1) Hair and Makeup must be one of our Hair and Makeup Artists. Photographer is not responsible for covering these costs. 

2) Ambassador MUST arrive on time. Any Ambassador 10 minutes past has forfeited their session and will not be rescheduled.

3) Model Release MUST be signed and allow images used for purposes of promoting MV Studios on website, promotional products, social media platforms, ads, etc.

4) Session set, theme, location, and creativity is at the photographers discretion. Ambassador may pass on the opportunity to the next Ambassador if session is not fit for them. 

5) Participation in promoting MV Studios growth via session referral, social media participation, VIP group engagement, etc. is required to earn sessions offered. If Ambassador does not participate, they will be passed over for session and/or removed from Ambassadorship.

6) Only products included is 5 digital images. Anything more is at a separate charge. Product prices are located here.

7) Please understand that some Ambassador Sessions are in public areas and while we do our best to maintain privacy the best we can, we can not control situations unforeseen.