Meet The Photographer


My name is Melodie Vensko. I'm the lady behind the camera and who's sole purpose is to remind you of how gorgeous you are! For years I have worked with women, coaching them, and helping them get back to the inner badass they are. To remind them that they deserve to feel empowered! I'm sarcastic, love to laugh, and may be slightly addicted to coffee. 

Beginning my chapter in Boudoir Photography was one of THE BEST decisions of my life. My sessions aren't just intimate photos. They tell a story......of a mother, sister, daughter, fighter, lover, survivor, etc. I absolutely love what I do and all of the amazing women I meet along the way! I love knowing we are helping so many women feel sexy, confident, and empowered!

My studio is located on Smith Mountain Lake, VA which is about 30 minutes from Roanoke and 60 minutes from Lynchburg.